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Department of Medical Genetics

Publications in International Scientific Journals(last two years)

5. Eras, N.; Celik, Y. Nonlethal Raine Syndrome in a Newborn Boy Caused by a Novel FAM20C Variant. MOL SYNDROMOL , 2021, 12, 169-173.
4. Bahar, L.; Sucu, N.; Eras, N.; Bagdatoglu, O.; Yildirim, M. Adrenomedullin expression in aortic artery wall of diabetic rats given alpha lipoic acid. PHARMACOLOGICAL REPORTS, 2020, 1, 1-8.
3. Eras, N. A Case of Ring Chromosome 18 with Single Umbilical Artery Detected During Prenatal Period. MOLECULAR SYNDROMOLOGY, 2020, 11, 217-222.
2. Eras, N.; Daloglu, F.; çolak, T.; Guler, M.; Akbas, E. The Correlation between IL-1β-C31T Gene Polymorphism and Susceptibility to Breast Cancer. JOURNAL OF BREAST CANCER, 2019, 22, 210-218.
1. Eras, N.; Türkoz, G.; Tombak, A.; Tiftik, N.; Yalin, S.; Berkoz, M.; Erden, S.; Akbas, E. An investigation of the relation between catalase C262T gene polymorphism and catalase enzyme activity in leukemia patients. ARCHIVES OF MEDICAL SCIENCE, 2019, 17, 928-933.